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to jules, how monitor PT output?

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hey jules,
i heard in a previous topic that you use to monitor your mix with a stereo PT monitor. I guess you do this with an aux stereo input, busing Master fader to it, then output through converter etc..
I do this way too as i don't have a decent console or stereo monitor-pre to drive my speaker's amp.
The point is: i have updated to 5.1.1 to be in the chance of using the RTAS plugs too (unfortunately i have few DSP's), but it's not possible to insert RTAS's on tracks that route into a bus.
well, are you using RTAS's? Which way can i use them? Should i use the master fader as a monitor fader and output it to converter-amp-speakers?
please give me an help.


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21 years 2 months

Pro Audio Guest Wed, 11/07/2001 - 00:50
The best way to control the level to your speakers is by building a simple passive attenuator. The core element of this is a balanced stereo pot. There are various companies who make such pots. The best is probably They supply a wiring diagram which shows you how to connect four xlr sockets. You can fit all this into a smallish box or rackmount if you prefer. I would recommend very high quality silver wire for your internal wiring. You will get a very clean signal path to your monitors...much better in fact than my procontrol, which I use at the moment for the convenience of having extra monitors and headphones connected. As soon as I have an extra interface, and hence spare output, I will switch back to my attenuator for the main monitors, and leave the rest on the pro control monitor section.
I had a bit of help with the wiring diagram as I am really a useless electrician! But it was not difficult really. This is a cheap solution and I can promise you that you will end up with the shortest and best sounding signal path available.