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I was just wondering how would you connect the following equipment:

PreSonus Digimax Preamp
Digi 002R
dbx166XL compressor
Mackie 16*8 bus
KRK V8 monitors (would you connect to mixer or directly from digi002r?)

thanks a lot


RemyRAD Thu, 02/02/2006 - 18:17

Ummmm, I would recommend taking your outboard microphone preamplifier into the line input of your Mackie console. Patch the 166 into the Mackie input channel strip insert and then route the output of the Mackie into your 002. Then connect the two track output from your Digidesign interface into your 2 track monitor return on the Mackie. Use the Mackie as your control room monitor system into your KRKs. Also go out by yourself a few decent 1/4" series of patch bays, you'll need them.

But first you may consider going to your local music store and purchasing a book on studio construction?

Not a beginner
Ms. Remy Ann David

Kev Thu, 02/02/2006 - 19:48

see now I'm not a beginner either but I might choose to put the monitoring on the main outputs of the Interface and not go through the Mackie at all.

I'd look to a better control room monitor system than the Mackie
... and it would probably be DIY

I'd get a real Pre-amp ... probably DIY
and go direct to the interface
and perhaps use the 166 only when needed

The Mackie ?? cue send mixing or Keyboard return ... sell it .. sorry just kidding

but then ... well ... that's me

otherwise what Remy said is fine and there are many ways to get a result

anonymous Fri, 02/03/2006 - 06:32

Well thanks for the replies. Here`s the way everything`s connected:

Mic to Preamp (through 8 snake inputs).
Preamp to Digi via ADAT. (Ive got 4 outputs of the preamp connected into some mackie inputs in case any compression, rev or EQ needed before rec, not very usual).
extra snake inputs into mackie.
166XL into mackie inserts.
Monitors connected to main outputs of digi.
Digi outputs into mackie (not main).
Every input in the mackie is connected to line inputs of the digi through mackie buses.

As you can see, the mixer is not being used that much as far as recording, however its useful for some monitoring issues.

I was just wondering how would you guys connect this equipment to search for different options.

About the preamp, I know its not the best, I must wait to earn couple $$ to upgrade. What would you recommed for a budget around $1000....
couple bricks???

thanks again for the replies. :)

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