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Kef 105.3 speakers foam surround repair?

I just bought a pair of KEf 105.3's for a song. the reason is the 2 visible lf drivers need their surrounds replaced as they are non existent. I assume the top LF drivers need repair too.

AS is the speakers are very bass weak. Before I spend $500 repairing the foam surrounds I need to verify that there bass response will be improved after repairing the lf drivers.
I"m using a sub so there is bass response, but i'm wondering if the repair is worth while and be an improvement.


cyrano Thu, 04/05/2018 - 07:04
Don't worry. You can easily get the foam surroundings replaced and the speakers will be as before.

You might want to get the caps in the filters replaced too.

That shouldn't even cost 500$. Surrounds are around 30$ a pair. Tweeters don't ever need surround replacement. Caps would be 50-60 $ at most. Add labour.

Replacing foam surrounds can be a DIY job, if you're real handy. If not, don't even try it. These speakers are worth saving and a lot better than most of what's sold as studio monitors today.


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