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Kids recording and money issue???

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Hi Im going to record children on one song that will be on an album im doing now the song has only two lines and the kids arent trained singers there just local school kids from age 6-8
But im worried that after i do it and release the album the parents of these kids might look for money off me
So any suggestions on what to say before we do it???
Thank you


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21 years

Member Fri, 11/30/2007 - 17:36
Hey pman,

I take pictures of the customers, some of them kids, at the miniature golf course that is part of the facility I run. I use the photos for web images on our site. I get each kid's parent to sign a photographic Minor Release form to protect myself and the company.

I downloaded the form off the web.

Try here

Talent Release Form for Minors