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KRK 5 monitors?

Ok I need a decent pair of monitors. Im in college so that means for the next 3 years i will be mixing in a bedroom probably no larger than 14x14 room.

Today i saw a used PAIR of krk 5's for $179! and they run $150 EACH online.

Will they be good for where ill be using them. These will be my first monitors by the way.



Member Mon, 06/18/2007 - 13:41
You want to use a descent pair of headphones like Sennhiser HD280 to lay down the indavidual tracks. Then mix with the monitors. The main reason for the monitors is to translate your mixes to different sources ie car stereo, bookshelf, portable player, computer spkrs, home stereo... You want the mix to sound as good as possible on all those sources. For your situation those monitors should be fine just make sure that the speakers or amps are not blown (low price??). Those monitors are biamplified so make sure the tweeter and woofer on both speakers function properly. The link below gives some information on setting up monitors. A few things to help the acoustics is to isolate the speakers from the desk with some kind of pad. Also, position them down and toward your ears. If you can get some wall treatment for behind the monitors may help. You could try padded moving blankets. The main goal is to get used to how the monitors sound in your room and get the mix to tranaslate to the source as best as possible. You can also, listen to a favorite cd(s) as a reference on your system.

best wishes