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KRK V8 or Event 20/20?

pretty much, which is better, Event 20/20's or the KRK V8's? action ends in about 3 hours.


RemyRAD Sun, 07/30/2006 - 15:43
I've not been impressed by the sound of the 20/20's. I think they are less than special? I really think their model number is rather lame? Equating good vision with good sound? I don't suppose Stevie Wonder would buy those?

I've regularly worked on KRK V8's and 88's and I love them. Don't forget the sub if you like a lota' bass. I especially like their Kevlar reinforced yellow woofers. I buy everything based on its color!

Maybe if you use some yellow spray paint on the 20/20's woofer's they would sound better??

Ms. Remy Ann David