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I went to Guitar Center today with a CD of stuff I'm fairly familiar with and I tried out every monitor they had hooked up. I liked the yamaha hs80m's, the bx8a's, the krk rp8's, and the krk vxt's(these were best). I liked all of the vxt's, but the 4's seem best suited to my needs considering the scale of what I'm doing. I've started to look around on ebay for a pair. My question is, before I make a purchase like this, are there any comparable products that might be better(cheaper)? What are all of your opinions of the vxt4? I've looked around on here for info but have found very little, I guess because they are a newer product. Thanks.

This is a little out of my price range but I also found a pair of Genelec 1029A's used for $500. I've heard these lack base but have never listened to them myself.

Also found some krk V6 series 1's available for $260 for the pair. used but not abused.