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Laptop Recording/Mic/mbox

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Hello everyone. I would like to record myself playing some instruments...guitar/accordion/piano. I have a super cheap mic from radioshack. The sound is terrible when I record, I always have to amplify it. I'm not knowledgeable at all in home recording. My friend has an digidesign mbox, so I thought maybe I need one of those to improve the recording. Then I got an email back from him saying that it might just be my mic (i'm the sure mic is a big problem) so he suggested the MXL990. So I guess my actually question, could I just get the mic and get good sound quality? Do I need the mbox? What's the point of the mbox? Are there other rather inexpensive mics anyone wants to recoommend? Thanks everyone!!!


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RemyRAD Tue, 08/12/2008 - 10:38
There are really only 2 things to be concerned with. That'ss your microphone & preamp. So screw the cheap condenser microphone. What you really need is,a couple of Shure SM58's & a reasonablecomputer interface. Go for the M-box 2,if you want ProTools. Otherwise,choose an interface & software, to your liking.

Those are the bare essentials
Ms. Remy Ann David