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In-line Condenser Mic High Pass filter


I was wondering if anyone out there can help regarding adding a passive high pass filter circuit between my condenser mics and mobile pre-amp.

This setup is for collecting samples in the field - a pair of RØDE NT5's, with a M-Audio MobilePre USB preamp supplying the phantom power. At this stage, I don't want to replace these (lack of funds).

One problem I'm having, is that neither the mic or the pre-amp have a high pass filter, and I would much prefer to remove unwanted low frequency content before the rather low-spec'ed pre-amp section, than later in the chain.

I have some basic electronics knowledge - but not much, so was wondering if anyone out there would have any a circuit diagrams, or ideas, that would allow me to build an inline passive high pass filter to work in this setup (or another way to look at it is: as a mod to the MobilePre).

Please note: I haven't found any circuits like this via my web searching, and I think I have exhausted the possibilities of physically reducing low frequency content.

Thanks in advance,