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List of future purchases. Advice please.

I'm working on setting up my home studio and plan on buying the following things. Give me any advice on if my choices are good, or if I should consider something else.

(4) Shure SM57 - Toms, Snare, and Guitars
(1) Akg D112 - Bass Guitar and Bass drum
(1) Cad e300 - Vocals
(1) Nady CM90 - Drum OH (I already have 1)
(1) Nady Pop Filter

Just a dell Dimension, 3GHz, 1GB
M-Audio Delta 44

Rack Units
(1) Antares ATR-1A Auto-Tune Processor
(2) ART 341 15-Band EQ
(1) BBE 882i Sonic Maximizer
(1) ART TCS Twin Tube Compressor
(1) TC Electronic M350

Already Have
Crapsh*t computer, 1GHz(blah), 512MB, Soundblaster Live 24bit
Yamaha MG16/4
M-Audio Pro3 Monitors (On their way to my house)