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Live Recording, how to clean up...?

Hey there!
Well this weekend i was recording a live band with my mp3 player's external mic and I was looking around on the net for ways of cleaning up a recording. I found this forum, and decided to be the n00b and ask some people for help!

I will post a sample of the recording, when i can get it uploaded on the net since i see there are no attachments on here, which will kinda show the stuff I want to get rid of. I dont really know the terms for these 'defects' but the main thing im trying to get rid of is when they sing and it makes that weird sound. What im talking about is know when you speak too close/loud into a mic and its kinda...lots of bass or how do you put it! Thats my main problem with teh sound since it was really loud in the bar where i was recording.

And also if you could give me some tips with enhancing the sound to make it sound alot better! I currently use Adobe Audition. Im not sure which programs i would need for this but if you name one that i could do it with i can find the demo and try something!

The reason i want to do this (not only for it to sound better) but because the band will be posting these recordings on their site so I want to try make them alot better than what they are now.

Help would be GREATLY appreciated!
Thank you very much

edit...sorry if this is in the wrong forum... please move if necessary


Extasy Jones Sun, 09/19/2004 - 21:18

Can you get another session? :P
Most likely the distortion is a mic that can't handle the SPL's... volume (more or less).
Despite my disdane for Mp3's, I have heard a few decent recordings from Mp3 players plugged into a stereo out of a console.
Perhaps this is an option?

As for the one you've recorded there's a good chance you won't be able to restore it to your liking (especially for a bands promo) :wink:

As for good software, try Soundforge. Very user-friendly, and good when only editing a stereo track.

vlad_tepes_drac Mon, 09/20/2004 - 11:16

well im pretty sure there are ways of editing out certain pitches/sounds from an audio file using the right software! If i can single out the bass notes and high notes in a track im pretty sure i can get rid of "most" of the distortion!

But if i am wrong and there is no hope then i can still send it in...its not really a band PROMO...more just for people to check out on their site, and for their own reference in how they play this and that!

thanks for replying tho :D

Extasy Jones Mon, 09/20/2004 - 14:08

I didn't mean to sound so negetive... Only saying sometimes it's more time to clean it up then to re-record.
However, you could try noise reduction software (a quck search on google will produce several). Sonic Foundry has one that is pretty good.
EQing is another option.

Good luck. 8-)

vlad_tepes_drac Mon, 09/20/2004 - 14:31

Well the thing is I live about 3 hours from where they usually play...and they only have gigs about once a month or sometimes even less often!

Im willing to take a little extra time to clean it up tho, but ill take a look at some of that noise reduction stuff! And ive already looked into a few equalisers just need to find the right settings to make it a little better at least!

Thanks for the suggestion tho, ill see how the noise reduction turns out