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Live Recording using ONYX firewire Card


I have an interesting scenario with which I need some assistance. I have a Mackie Onyx 1620 with the firewire card option. I am using a powerbook g4 loaded with Cubase, Garageband, and Mackie's own Tracktion 2 software. I use this mixer for PA and recording of Live concerts with usually 4-5 instruments and vocal. Is there anyway to have the Mixer still do the PA but at the same time record the multitrack and have a final mix in stereo recorded at the same time. I dont want to remix and bounce the master after the fact. Any suggestions or comments would be highly appreciated. Thanks



Boswell Tue, 04/03/2007 - 07:20
Well, yes, you could easily route the stereo main outs back into a pair of input channels which you then record on two more tracks while keeping their faders at zero.

BUT.. the FOH mix will not be a good stereo mix for later listening, for several reasons:

(1) The PA should be a re-inforcement of the direct sound from the instruments and/or their amps, and the direct sound is not present on a later replay, so the channel balance will be wrong.

(2) The panning for a stereo mix is usually very different from that needed for FOH.

(3) Reverb and other effects set up to sound good in the venue will not sound the same for a CD mix.

(4) You have to be conservative when setting overall levels for recording, because you have to allow for unexpected loud sections. In a re-mix, you can compress if necessary, bring up the levels, and then balance between the tracks.

(5) You still need to top and tail the tracks so some re-processing is necessary.