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Looking for advice in a vintage mixer re: outputs

Thought I'd throw this out there, maybe someone will know...

I'm looking at an old mixer that I want to buy, but the thing that's baffling me is the outputs:

1 left/right lo output
2 left/right hi outputs

So that's three rca cables in total for output. I've never seen anything like this before... I want to be able to send the output to my stereo receiver. Think it's possible? Maybe I'd have to take all three outputs and combine them into one rca cable, and send that to the stereo?

Any ideas?


Here's a pic:


moonbaby Mon, 11/06/2006 - 10:29
No, you don't want to use all 3 outs from each channel 'multing' down to 1 channel. I suspect that the "Lo" outputs are a lower level (-20dBm) signal strength than the "Hi" versions. This type of labelling is not really seen anymore, and has no real technical connotations. It was used by "hi-fi" companies like Sansui, Teac, and Sony to denote differences in signal level to interface with gear "downstream" from it. You just need to terminate each L/R pair to a separate stereo piece, and DON'T combine them with a 'Y' cable. Start with one of the "hi" pairs going to whatever is "after " this mixer (EQ, tape deck, power amp, etc.). If this is too "strong" a signal (easily generates overload distortion, etc), try the "lo" version. What brand is this mixer?