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looking for a good mic set up (bang for you Buck)

on a limited budget. But I was told that this set is pretty nice.

Audio-Technica AT 4033 -> Focusrite TrakMaster Pro Channel Strip -> mbox 1 PT 7.3.1

I heard the 4033 into the trakmaster pro is a good combo. Anyone disagree. Please give me some insight on other options. Or should I just save up for the big dawgs. For the price (bang for your buck)

Man objective is to record hip hop and R & B vocals more on the smoother tip type of rap vocals though.



Pro Audio Guest Wed, 06/13/2007 - 19:23
or even easier. I'll tell you what i have. And any help on telling me what i should get next With about 400-600 dollar budget. My guess is a pre or channel strip.

I got a akg perception 200 which i'm actually pretty happy with. And I'm running that right into the mbox 1. I know I know.... So i need a pre but the sound I'm getting right now isn't bad at all but I'm sure it could be better. So What should be my next move. Pre amp? And what would help the most. If the 600 dollar sounds the same as the 200 amp then I'll just cop the 200 and save for one of the 1200 amps. But if the 600 is solid then i would def invest? I'm recording R&B/Hip HOp.

Thanks ya'll