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Looking for a new DAW

Im currently using Protools Le 6.4 but its a CPU whore.

Im looking into DP or Logic Pro.

One question I have is does DP have an amp modeler? I know Logic Pro does.

If you guys could post what you like or dislike about these daws, I would be great.

As of right now, I am leaning towards DP cuz it should work with the DAE for the 002 while Logic Pro isn't on the list.

Thanks in advance. I lok forward to reading comments on these 2 daws.


Pro Audio Guest Fri, 04/14/2006 - 02:56
stickers wrote: If you guys could post what you like or dislike about these daws, I would be great.

DP is great for scoring-to-picture and live instrument tracking. It has powerful MIDI and audio editing tool sets.

Logic is more CPU-efficient and ships with more effects and virtual instrument goodies (although DP 5 now comes with a few lite VIs). I believe Logic may also have a broader user base.

FWIW: I use DP and I'm a composer/multi-instrumentalist.

A generalization: DP seems to be popular among old school composer-types and mix engineer-types. Logic seems to be popular among new school modern musician-types.

Pro Audio Guest Sat, 04/15/2006 - 07:43
I have only ever used DP. I love it. I am a composer and arranger and DP has always been there to accomodate my creative needs. I use a fair combination of midi and audio. SOme of my more experiemental pieces of music used up to 50 audio tracks with effects. No problems.
I would like to try LOGIC because people who have been using it love it. Right now I can't afford it so I'll have to wait.
Put it this way: those who have been using DP love DP and those who have been using LOGIC love logic.
My philosophy is that it is not neccessarily the power or usability of the software but the creativity of the user that is most important. It is not the equipment, but how you use it.
Whatever you use choose, you will be able able to make it work for you.

gdoubleyou Sat, 04/15/2006 - 09:04
I own both, if you get the competitive upgrade for DP, it's the best value at $395. But if you can get the academic version of Logic Pro at $500, you may or may not require any 3rd party plugs, most bases are covered.

But I fell in love with the Logic synths, and I am currently using Logic Express, and Garage Band for quick sketches. will be upgrading to Logic Pro this summer.

I do have some songs that live their lives in DP, also some surround mixing experiments. DP and Logic are feature rich apps that have about the same learning curve.


Pro Audio Guest Thu, 04/13/2006 - 17:38
I switched from Pro Tools to DP4.5 about 6 months ago. Let me tell you that there is a steep learning curve to DP, but thats mainly because its so much more powerfull than Pro Tools LE or HD(software-wise of course). Many features that are exclusive to PT HD are included in DP4.5.
As far as plug-ins go DP comes with alot of excellent ones. The Matrix Reverb thats included is actually one of the best reverb plug-ins I have heard. No Amp Modeler included.
With all that said I'm actually looking into switching to a differnet DAW for various reasons, one of them being usability. Personally I find that I am not as productive or creative in DP. I spend way to much time trying to do things that took no time in Pro Tools. Anyways, DP 4.5 is definitley very powerfull. I have used Logic 6 extensively and it too is great, but I would not recommend it to anyone who does alot of tracking or audio editing.
Mixed review huh....Hope that helps.