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M-audio firewire 410 need more inputs.

I have a firewire 410 from M-Audio. I need more inputs or pre-amps. Is there an 8 channel preamp like the PreSonus Digimax that i can hook up through the ADAT to add to the 410 so i can have more inputs? Maybe using the ADAT? or the firewire?


Boswell Tue, 04/17/2007 - 08:59
The 410 does not have ADAT I/O. It has optical (or coax) S/PDIF, via which you can add two channels of input in addition to the 410's two mic/line inputs, making a total of 4 ins. You would have to daisy-chain another FireWire device to get more than that, and then it's down to the software and drivers to determine how many devices of what type they can cope with.