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Mackie Onyx/Delta1010

Hey everyone,
I have a quick question about compatability and basic common sense. I have a mackie onyx 1620, great board except the whole FW is pre eq, inserts, etc, and it has only 2 outputs.
I was thinking of getting a delta1010 so I could run my tracks through the outputs into some outboard gear then back in through the inputs. Not too mention mixing in 5.1 surround (when I can afford more monitors). Will the M-Audio delta 1010 and the Mackie Onyx drivers work together?
Hope that was clear.


Scoobie Thu, 10/12/2006 - 19:59
Hello Rigby.............

My frist Daw set up was a Mackie VLZ Pro board and two Delta 1010's.
That was a great set up for getting started in the Daw world.
That being said..........I own the Onyx board now and don't use the digital card or the software that was offered as a option. I didn't like the idea of having just one stereo pair of outputs.

So..........I use RME interface and the direct outs via a DB25 connector on the Onxy. This works great. My choice for software is Sonar PE and Sampluitude for my live work.

So.........What i'm trying to say is. You can't go wrong with the Onxy or the Delta, but i'm not sure about using the firwire option on the Onyx with the Delta.


I think i would skip the whole firewire option on the Onyx and just use the DB25 direct outs into the Delta.