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MADI vs. AES/EBU choosing a new AD DA

I'm choosing a NEW AD DA conversion and PCIe interface for my tracking and hybrid mixing room. Win7 64 desktop.

What are the pro's on con's of MADI vs. AES/EBU? Is there a bandwidth drop with MADI. If it is so close, then I would go with MADI just because it has great flexibility, less cable and greater channel count over a long run. However, I am more concerned with quality of sound so its why I ask for opinions.

(sound quality vs. channel count).

Maybe I will never need long runs of channels but not sure because I don't know if I would end up using the converters for a mobile rig or I could add a second room to my studio in a few years.
I will not likely need more that 16 AD DA IO for this studio, but who knows. I don't have a budget but I do want low latency and superior sound quality.

I will be doing overdubs so latency is a big factor. I will be using outboard MIDI gear.
Firewire is not an option for this system.

Sorry guys, I know I'm all over the place with all my converter questions this week :redface:

What would you do today?


hueseph Sun, 03/20/2011 - 22:52

It's a good question. I wish I knew enough about it to give a reliable answer. My gut feeling is that Madi would be the simplest solution. That plus the fact that it will "future proof" your setup if you intend to go in that direction anyway.

It also seems that you can use MADI for the long runs and still incorporate AES/EBU.




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