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Major Monitor Upgrade

Hey all,

Currently I use Yamaha MSP5a's. I like these monitors and they have really improved the sound of my mixes. Everyone talks about the importance of great monitors, but what specifically (i.e. increased bass accuracy, hearing things you dont hear now, finding more faults in your recording etc..) can I expect from an upgrade to say a pair of ADAM S2a's. I know this question kind of answers itself, but the cost difference between the Yamahas and adams is about $2,700. Of course I will try before I buy. I guess I am just looking for opinions on the importance of shelling ouot that kind of cash and its worth. Thanks



atlasproaudio Mon, 05/29/2006 - 23:58
To improve your monitoring there are 3 areas you can improve (in no particular order).

1) D/A
2) Monitors
3) Your room

All of these things are very important.

If you are currently happy with your monitors and you feel unsure about committing another $2700 for a speaker upgrade you could consider improving your D/A for considerably less. You can get a high quality D/A for less than $1000.00. Mytek and Lavry both have offerings in that under $1000 price range. Hopefully your room has adequate bass trapping and absorbtion of early reflections around the listening area.

TeddyG Tue, 05/30/2006 - 12:11
After you are satisfied with doing the things suggested by Nathan(Upgrades of "other stuff" and room), the Yammie's, themselves, will sound much better, but a new set of really fancy monitors would, then, be really worth it, I bet!

Too many of us get the fancy mics and speakers without doing the "basic stuff", first. I suppose because it's easier to order something pretty than buy something no one even notices, or worse yet, do some construction work - ha!


J-MADD Tue, 05/30/2006 - 13:39
Yeah, I am going to be getting some (6) 2'x4x4" pannels of owens corning 703, wrap them in burlap and really treat my mixing room. I am looking at less than $200 to do this myself. I am sure I have all kinds of things bouncing around. As far as DA conversion. I am currently running direct out of my computers headphone jack to the monitors. I wonder how big of a difference A D/A converter will make? Anyways. Thanks everyone. Keep the ideas comming.


Robak Wed, 05/31/2006 - 15:48
I had MSP5s for about 3 years. I bought them after I had tested several other monitors in the same price range. At first I was happy, but I was never confident that my mixes were ok. I had to guess if the bass is right, and mix brighter than I liked it etc. Now I have Genelecs 8040A and its so much easier to make a good mix on them. I think that you really should upgrade your monitors. I had to sell Yamahas to buy Genelecs but if you can afford it leave MSP5s as an alternative monitors (you already know them). Adams are a good choice too. Check your room size. Don't buy too big monitors for your room. Big monitors are better, but not in a small room.
Good luck.