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Managers etc?

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Do we have any managers, attorney A&R guys/gals etc. out there that feel like moderating this forum? Who ever does take this on please feel free to do a little self promotion while your at it. What's happening out there?

It always amazes me on how little time we creative people spend learning the business side of things.

Is it all hush hush here? Is the business side worried about speaking publically about this area. Where's the business headed?
New ideas for marketing?

What happening?


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UncleBob58 Thu, 12/18/2003 - 06:32
Good one Chris!

I am set up as a business. My dad started out as a CPA before he went to Price Waterhouse and then IBM. When he retired he became a personal financial consultant. His greatest fun in life, aside from the family, is finding every legal loophole he can to avoid taxes. Even though I am the only employee of my "company" I have several subsidiaries so that we can fudge with the money and reduce Uncle Sams cut. I frequently subcontract myself to do things.

Parent: Alcove Productions
Studio: Low Bridge Recording
Duplication: Get Reel Duplication Services
Film/Video: Hooray! For Hollow Wood Productions
Performing: Uncle Bobs Out There
Consulting: Uncle Bob Can Help Audio Services

It sounds nuts to do things this way, but I save a lot of money in taxes and dad takes care of the books. The key is to document EVERYTHING down to the last battery and guitar string, even the underwear when performing, not to mention the obvious like gas, tolls, parking, phones, internet, advertising.... It's amazing how fast the $1.00 here and $0.79 there adds up.

I guess I'm lucky as it doesn't cost me anything. I shudder to think what I would do if I had to pay for it all.