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Master and Synch Licensing contracts

Is anybody familiar with the master and synch licensing deals that is offering?

I’m asked to contribute with one of my songs in a short film pod for Current TV. I’ve been looking at their contracts (which can be downloaded from their site Link removed) and with my little-to-none experience with copyright matters (and English), I interprete them as I’d just might as well give the song away for the mere pleasure of being exposed (if anything at all).

However, this is my interpretation of the contracts, and I might have got it all backwards. So I’d thought I ask around to see if anyone is familiar with Master & Sync licenses to give me some guidelines in what to look out for. These in particular, but any input in general would do really.


RemyRAD Thu, 08/10/2006 - 10:20

It's called, "if you're stupid enough to give us your music for free, it's ours, so don't think about using it for anything else" contract. Something for nothing is worth nothing! Sure they want music for free as they do not want to pay for it. These kinds of scams give me Sony Acid indigestion.

Want to give your music away for free, just put it on "". And have you ever heard about this little thing called copyright and publishing houses?

Ms. Remy Ann David