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MaxxBass Alternatives?

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I am loathe to buy -anything- 'Waves'... I've evaluated several of their plugs and there is always some problem... either with authorizing the demo or getting timely responses from their support. And then there's the price... oy...

But I am starting to think that MaxxBass is a 'gotta have'... I'm trying to make more 'modern' sounding mixes (ie. huger bass... more 'scooped') and it always sounds great in my room, but then everything sounds weak on the car radio. I've seen MaxxBass in action and I gotta admit... it really -does- help in translating that low end to small speakers. I'm not expecting it to change 'the sound' of the mix on good speakers. It's strictly for the 'translation' factor.

So... are there any alternatives? I see -something- called 'MixxBass' from PSP. Anything else worthy of consideration?