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Mic for Acoustic strings/winds/percussions

Hi, first post here at

I am looking to extend my microphone collection, specifically I want to build up a good kit for acoustic strings, winds and percussions (mostly ethnic instruments).

At the moment I have a RØDE NT3 medium condenser microphone (quite an old model, definitely Australian made), nice sounding, and some average quality Shure SM58. For these recordings, I am not even considering the SM58 as an option.

My first thoughts were a stereo pair of Peluso CEMC 6's - based on thinking that a stereo pair will be 'tuned' better for concurrent use, and could replace my RØDE NT3 basically. But, I wonder if perhaps it will be better to get another single mic to complement my NT3, yet still a mic primarily designed for acoustic instruments/overhead sounds. I could even consider getting one Peluso CEMC 6, and another, cheaper mic.

The thing is, although 95% of the recordings I will make will be one or two mics in different placements, I liked the idea of the matched pair of Peluso's for those other occasions when true stereo imaging would be useful (ie - tabla, other multi-percussionists and gongs).

Any suggestion/feedback is appreciated.


moonbaby Thu, 02/22/2007 - 11:04
Pelusos are certainly nice mics. That CEMC6 reminds me of my dearly departed AKG C452EB's.
I have a pair of Rode NT-5 s that have seved me well since the 452s' departure. They seem to do well on all the sources that I've tried them on, with the possible exception of heavy-hit hi-hat cymbals, where I felt they were a bit bright. But in every other situation ( all strings, percussion, choirs, etc) they have performed very admirably. You can get a matched pair for about the same price as a single Peluso. Check them out.