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Mic and mic pre question

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Ok I am thinking of buying 2 mics for my home studio setup. And I need some recommendations guys. Do you think these 2 are good choices?

One is the AT 3035.

The other (Studio Projects B1, C1, or B3?)

And one more thing. I have been seeing some pretty crazy reviews about Studio Projects VTB mic pre. Is Studio Projects all that everyone says they are? Does this pre amp actually stand up to $1000 dollars pres? And just how good are there mics?


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audiowkstation Sat, 12/28/2002 - 08:33
I do not own any of those but Fats is familiar with the AT's and loved them for value and predicability.

The studio projects are getting great press and if the press was would already be the buzz that it is hype. So far everyone has really reported liking them very much. I would go out on a limb and say that they must be in the top 30% of what is out there. People just do not seem pleased wih microphones that are less than purposful.

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Kurt Foster Sat, 12/28/2002 - 11:10
What are your applications for the mics? I love ATM's. Great gear and service. I have damaged mics before (because I'm a moron) and they have repaired and returned them at a reasonable cost and in reasonable time. Great company. IMO, they build their mics to a much closer tolerance than other Asian manufactures. A world of difference between the Japanese and the rest of Asia. As far as the preamp comparison... For $1000 you could get a pretty nice mic pre amp. The Peavey VMP mic pre eq comes to mind. These sell for about $1000. These are a true tube pre amp with high voltage in the tubes. They were built for Peavey by AMS of AMS / Neve fame and they are mucho coolo. They are out of production so you would have to find a used one. They are very nice. Anyway for a thousand bucks you can buy some nice mic pres if you know where to look.
Here is a glowing review of the VTB from Digital Pro Sound.
I am waiting for the SP 8 channel mic pre to hit the market. I'll probably get one of those. 8 channels for under $1000 is something to get excited about!
It's my opinion, I'll play with it if I want to!

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Pro Audio Guest Sat, 12/28/2002 - 17:09

Thanks for the heads-up guys. I guess you do have a point, if they were lying about those mics, I guess I would see it somewhere, as much as I look around the web. I didnt know about the 8 channel SP is making?? Thanks fats, I will hold off on my other choices, and see what reviews it gets.