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Mic combination for Vocal & Acoustic guitar

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Okay so I'm looking mic vocals and acoustic guitar. This doesn't have to be at the same time, though the option would be nice.

I was intending to buy an AT4033 for the vocals but keep getting told the AT4050 provides more options (not just cardioid etc).

Also I was thinking of a stereo matched pair of NT55s. I could also then use these on other things e.g. drum overheads.

Would the (male) vocal sound best on the 4033 or 4050? More importantly, which combination of the above should I use to stereo mic the guitar? Ta. :D


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Boswell Mon, 10/06/2008 - 02:29
Of the mics you list, use the AT4033a or the AT4050 on vocals. You will get a different vocal colour from these two mics, so choose which you like better for the particular voice (yours?).

The NT55s are very versatile and excellent value for money. You can certainly use a pair of them for recording acoustic guitar. X-Y configuration using the cardioid capsules is probably better place to start rather than A-B using the omnis, as it is less sensitive to player movement. Don't aim the LH mic directly at the sound hole. Have the centreline of the mics a few inches above the centreline of the guitar so the mics are inclined downwards. Experiment with positioning to get the best sound in the acoustic space and make sure all the finger squeaks don't end up in the RH channel.

You will have more positioning options if you record guitar and vocals separately, but maybe the performer is less happy with that.