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Does anyone know a good cheap mic pre that is available? I was reading recording magazine...or maybe it was home recording...I don't remember honestly...anway there was a review of a $179 mic pre that was called the VTB1 I think. It sounded nice in the review but who knows with written reviews right? I was just wondering if anyone had used this new pre, or if there were any suggestion for a good mic pre around the $200 to $300 mark. Thanks a lot for any help you can give me in this area.


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21 years 2 months

Pro Audio Guest Sat, 11/01/2003 - 14:17
The VTB-1 is down to $129 at most online retailers. Here are my brief thoughts on it and a few other mic pres:

1. RNP: Excellent uncolored preamp. Better than VTB-1, Focusrite (in the Pro Control), or Mackie.

2. Sebatron: Excellent, versatile preamp. Detailed, clean if using pads to control input, distorts nicely if hot.

3. Studio Projects VTB-1: OK, better than Mackie, makes me about as happy as the Focusrites in the Pro Control. Good value at $129 if you have to buy an outboard pre and don't want to save a little more for the RNP (seems as usable to me as anything else under the RNP and you can't beat the price).

4. Focusrite (in the Pro Control): I am not particularly impressed with the Focusrite stuff at this level (Platinum). The VTB-1 is just as acceptable and cheaper, and the RNP kills them. The Pro Control is a great interface for Pro Tools, but I feel the quality of the preamps lowers the value overall. I wish they had gone with no-name preamps and knocked the price down.

5. Mackie: Usable, of course, in the sense that they function, but really at the bottom of the group. Totally usable for home recording, but not going to get you super-pro results. It should be acknowledged that Mackie has been an innovative and budget-friendly presence in the marketplace. I won't say they make the best budget mixers in the market, but they had a lot to do with making that market in the first place. Anyone want to say that Mackie HASN'T had an effect on the audio market?

6. Universal Audio 2-610: Wonderful, big, makes you happy you have ears on the side of your head. Is it worth the extra cash vs. the Sebatron? I am not sure because I haven't had enough time with the Seb to figure that out. Either way you are going to be happy.

And there you have it, David