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Mic pres? SOS!

Hey there everyone...I have a pritty basic qustion...
I have a home recording studio where I record mainly drums/other instruments like bass and guitars...its all working nicely but when I try and record Vocals or any other very 'soft' I seem to get realy hard buzzez/all kinds of noises/un-clearnes in the tracks...I use a rode ntk tube mic to a 16 track Mackie to a digi002.
yesterday some guy told me that the reason for this is the lack of that true? sorry about the ignorense and lack of good from israel :)

thanks a lot


Pro Audio Guest Sat, 01/27/2007 - 13:01
WoW! Relax Remy! honestly i know your expirienced and i absolutly adore and respect your posts. but there's no need to get personal. i wasnt trying to get personal in my post and i dont think my language suggested it either! if you were offeneded by it i'm sorry! it was not my intention to insult u. let me get something straight i never said i know everthing(in my opinion i dont think u know everthing either). now please dont go crazy on me for that statement. no one can know everything its imposible. besides if i did know everything why i be on this forum. but Remy darling u might be more experienced thatn all the members here combined. but u cant expect everyone to agree with u or treat like a queen. my test methods flawed ok my knowledge misinformed maybe. but theres a more professional way of saying what u said. "Dj pardox. i think u'r testing methods are flawed and your posts are misinformed. please dont confuse or misinform our readers." it was simple no emotions not personal. personaly i could go on insulting u all day but that will just get me banned.dont get me wrong thats not what i want to do. i'm one of your greatest fans(i'm serious i'm not saying to be nice). now the reason i brought this whole balanced unbalanced issue. is this. like u might agree, most improperly built home studios might have ground all i was trying to suggest was that there might be grounding issues you might want to get that checked out. why because it's something that i've seen. i wasnt saying "dont listen to anyone else. i'm giving u the right answer here". i was never even trying to suggest that. ok i agree unbalanced circuits dont introduce noise. when i look back at my post i see a few statement that are incorrect. balanced and unbalanced circuits are both designed to keep noise out. both are not equally efficient at it. now i'm not sayin unbalanced circuits are a bad thing but they can pose a lot of problems to inexperienced individuals.
There is no noise introduced into unbalanced circuitry when your wiring scheme is properly grounded and attention to detail with power distribution and ground loops is observed.
Abosolutely correct! i agree but do u think noob's really know when thier wiring scheme is properly grounded and give attention to detail with power distribution and observe ground loops. what u said above is what i was trying to say. i didnt mean to say unbalanced circuits always introduce noise. (when i read my post thats what i said i reallize the mistake in the sentence). but a lot of noob's just dont even get into this they just want to hook up there equipment and get to recording. i just brought it up coz i though its something noobs should know. if the way i said it was wrong. u can explain what the importance of checking power distributiona and ground loops are.but i think people working with unbalanced circuits should know how certain external factors can influence the signal.why? for example: if a person drives a car he needs to know that the faster he goes it will take longer to stop the car with the brakes. unless he slams into a large stationary object, then he could come to a dead stop in a sec. But Remy! that last comment of mine was in no way trying to undermine u or u'r experience or even your authority. it was just a small comment. i didnt even directly say you're wrong. even if i did how does it affect u one bit? u know u'r not wrong with what u said. why go all crazy about it? in my opinion its unhealthy. and once again i'm sorry if i offended u. :) btw i wasnt trying to teach u anything!

eagerly awaiting your response

Dj Pardox