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microphone decicions....

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I have used the awesome search on this forum and read some good helpful info on the subject i'm needing help with. I am wanting to purchase my first serious LDC microphone. I want to purchase one that I wont want to get rid of the next time I buy one, and that i'll be able to use even when I buy a more expensive one in the future. This is for vocals and acoustic guitar, occasionally a guitar amp with my sm57. I'm stuck between the following:

AT4040, AKG 220/420, Blue Bluebird, Rode nt-1

I know it's hard to tell me based on opinion which is "best" so maybe those of you with more experience and a good ear can listen to some recordings of one of the singer i'll be recording a lot, and maybe have an opinion on which he'd work well with.

I also have the need for a preamp better than the pres in this mbox2. I was recomended the presonus bluetube at guitar center to go with these mics based on the opinion of the guy that it was better than the more expensive ART tube pres, and due to my price limitations. I want a pre the mic will be able to sound better through than the mbox2. ANY better is fine by me.

As for the singer...