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Microphone Rental Query (failed to post last time)

[I'm not sure if this was removed or if it failed to post- if it was removed for any reason, I apologize for re-posting, and feel free to delete it once again and I'll pick up on it.]

Hello there- I'm looking for some advice on which microphones to rent for a musical that I'm working on. We need two good condensers for guitar/bass, two for random percussion, and one for a cello.

Our current thought is:

2 Sennheiser MD421's on guitar/bass.
2 SM 81's on percussion
AKG 451 on cello.

We have a bunch of SM57's and 58's, as well as a 5 piece drum mic kit (I'm not sure what it is- I'm basing this off of a sheet that the music director gave me saying what we borrowed from the music dept.)

We are thinking of using 57's on the woodwinds and brass sections, but, budget allowing, it might be nice to rent a mic or two. Maybe Sennheiser MD441's. Probably one, maybe two.

Any advice for mic's around that price range that would be better are greatly appreciated, as well as any thoughts from past experience with the microphones.