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MicrophoneMan's Mixer-o-Choice Top-10

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Since people really weren't up for talking about what they felt about their summing bus - lets talk about the whole damn desk - as the musical instrument that could be considered the most important thing in the room (although monitors are the only thing you actually hear, so they get #1 - along with the use of them acoustically), but anyways..

In what order do the following play in your choice of a desk for mixing. Think hard, this would be like choosing one guitar (acoustic or electric aka analog or digital), or one keyboard (real or a synth) - You can choose any analog desk with any form of automation - or you could choose a procontrol. My top 10 things are my top ten, feel free to amend them

listed in no particular order:

1) routing capabilities
2) sound of the summing
3) automation capabilites
4) eq
5) compression
6) past success with (confidence)
7) layout
8) comfort of use
9) quality of the talkbalk mic

like I said - feel free to modify, curious what floats everyone's boats