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Mid field monitor dilemma

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OK I set up a 5.1 rig by 'loaning' extra Genelec's and had a fun time..

I can lay my hands on extra Genelec's with ease, this makes me want to stick with that brand.. In case of future 5.1 work..

But I think I need to tweak them a little...

I am considering getting in a BSS Omnidrive to eq my set up a tiny bit...

Or...what modern self powered mid fields can I try out that make today’s modern shrill cutting CD's sound as smooth as I like to hear?

My guess is - none

My guess is that BSS Omnidrive needs a PC :mad: to set up and is real f***ing complicated...

My guess is I will be hooking back up my Behringer Ultracurve again sometime soon :mad:


I am close, but Jon Attack (Capitol Studios Paris) who is visiting from Paris, on the way to Oxford’s SSL HQ for training (he just bought a 9048J) Pointed out I could do with a CD player that has AES outs and can attach to the house wordclock...and perhaps run out via the same converters, So that I can A/B my mixes in perfect / same conditions..

Monitor hell / tweakage...

I will first want to have those CD's sound perfect to MY ears in MY room.

Perhaps I worry over nothing, lets see what a decent CD player reveals..

The BSS Omnidrive now has 96k converters in them...

Seems a Masterlink is just as expensive as a CD with wordclock and accepts ext clock (Via aes)... Hmmmmm... I don't A/B enough and when I do it is with a 8 year old cheapo CD player with an SPDIF out.

I dunno...

Any ideas


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mixfactory Sun, 10/28/2001 - 18:38
You can try the JBL LSR series. A lot of sound houses here in NYC have them as there surround setup. They are pretty accurate, but different sounding. But if you are a Genelec guy, you will probably hate them. By the way I've been mixing to the Masterlink(96K/Crane Song 192) for about a year now, and its actually paid for itself. Most mastering places have them and they prefer that to SDII files. I give my clients a choice "1/2 or 96K files, and for those who don't need the hassles of carrying around boxes of "1/2 tape, always choose the 96K CDs. There are those few(fools), who still hold on to the concept of DATs(ugh!!!).

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Guest Mon, 10/29/2001 - 01:23
Thanks MF

The question? :)

Is as follows, I have a whacky little room, it has been accousticaly treated quite well now, but there is still room for improvement in my monitoring. I've enjoyed using my Behringer Ultracurve in the past, but had stopped using it... is there anything out there that does the same job, but better? (goes inbetween the desk out and the monitors, Produces own pink noise + analizes omni mic and self corrects room with own eq, to a target curve set by the user)

It has occured to me that when putting some extra speakers in the back, (for 5.1) on stands away from any wall, they have a snowballs chance in hell of sounding anything close to the front speakers... this continues my interest in a speaker eq soulution, one that can handle stereo duties as well as 5.1...

I am going to look into it, meanwhile I will keep one eye open on alternative monitor suggestions..

Caramba! I just got some quotes!!!! Man - speakers are expencive!!!!!

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Pro Audio Guest Tue, 10/30/2001 - 17:30
Julian, The Varicurve is a digital unit and has limited ins and outs...

The omnidrive is easy to program from the front screen and has lots of ins and outs.

If you want a versitile processor go for the BSS Soundweb which has 8 ins and 8outs and is fully configurable (ie you want Para EQ, compression, xover etc on one in/oyut.. no prob)