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Mid Side Shockmount for Schoeps

I just ordered a Schoeps MK8 to do mid side. I also unfortunately ordered a Schoeps AMS 22. Why unfortunately? Because I'm not fond of paying $184 for a single plastic mic clip.

Do any of you know of alternative (cheaper) mid side shockmounts/clips that would accomodate these 21mm mics (cmc6)?



mdemeyer Tue, 01/02/2007 - 22:13
Order the center mic holder and the two elastics of the the AMS 22 as spare parts from Schoeps. Around $20. Cut off a 1/2" length of 2.5" to 3" diameter PVC pipe, cut a few shallow grooves in appropriate locations to keep the elastics positioned, attach it to the swivel from an old mic clip (takes a little mechanical creativity, but not much), and you have yourself a dandy alternative to the AMS 22 for about $25 and a couple hours work.

That's what I use... I'll take a photo in the coming days and post it.


Cucco Fri, 01/05/2007 - 15:31
zemlin wrote: Sabra Som t-bar. A very versatile setup and easy to expand (3/8" hex bar is easy to get). Not good for heavy mics, but great for small stuff. I've bought from a couple of places. It isn't real common, but google will find it for you quick enough.

It's common enough to be able to be gotten at Guitar just have to ask. They don't stock it. (They stock the Sabra-Som Shock mount though).

I've found, even with larger mics, it works okay. My main support bars for my Sabra-Soms have been replaced with drop hardened steel versus the aluminum that they come with and this allows me to mount even a stereo pair of tube mics 15 feet in the air.

BTW Zemlin -
That is some of the most creative woodworking I've seen! Nice work!

zemlin Fri, 01/05/2007 - 15:49
Cucco wrote: BTW Zemlin -
That is some of the most creative woodworking I've seen! Nice work!
Thanks (and to the others as well). 8)
I worked as a machinist for a while out of high school and now work as a mechanical engineer doing machine design - so designing and making bits like this is rather second nature for me. Many decent mounts and such are bloody expensive, so there's a fair amount of motivation to find better solutions.

WRT the Sabra Som on heavy mics, the only bit I don't like is the clutch that threads onto the mic stand. I think every one that I have (which includes a few extras I was sent as warranty replacements) have cracked in one way or another. I have used them for MS mounting of LDC mics, but I make sure the mics are balanced about the clutch so it's job is fairly easy. I'm in the process of putting a much stouter t-bar together from some Bogen bits - not there yet, but when that's done I'll be in good shape.


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