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Midas venice

anybody got a midas, venice board? I was curious if they are more of a live board? I am looking for a board that will be good at mostly recording sessions.


Kurt Foster Sun, 10/03/2004 - 11:07
The Mackie or the AH are not in the same league as the Midas boards .. there's a world of difference in the quality. All of them offer direct sends. The Venice is much better sounding console with more features like a better eq section, better pre amps, more aux sends, albeit at a hefty difference in price.

If you can afford a Venice, that's what I would recommend.

Kurt Foster Sat, 10/02/2004 - 11:21
The Venice is a good board but lacks the tape returns that a dedicated recording mixer would have ...

But if you only need 16 returns (usually plenty for any DAW rig), with the 32 channel Venice you could use 16 channels for inputs and 16 for monitors. I recommend the Venice highly for a small recording studio .. as there are not really any decent recording consoles available for less than $10,000+, unless you find something used and huge that will be a maintenance pig.