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MIDI Clock

I have Pro Tools 7 and the digi 002 with a Mac G4. I also have Cubase SL on a second G4 with its own MIDI (MidiSport 2x2).

I need to sync these two systems via MIDI clock (or another sync system that works). I am pulling my hair out trying to figure out what to do.

Do I need to get another software or hardware MIDI clock? Can I have Pro Tools be the clock?

I have tried to set up the sync with each of these tools according to their respective instructions and it always fails. I never get any connection between the systems, but I do not get any errors or explanation of what is wrong. They just seem to ignore each other.

Am I that clueless, or is this really that hard? If anyone can give me some advice I would appreciate it.



pr0gr4m Wed, 11/22/2006 - 12:34
First the easy stuff. One must be the syncer (master) and the other must be the syncee (slave).

The master should be set up to use it's own internal clock and the slave should be set up to sync to an external clock....that being MTC (MIDI Time Code).

Make sure (and I'm sure you have...just double checking) that the MIDI out of the master is connected to the MIDI in of the slave.

Make sure that the master is sending all possible MIDI info (not filtering anything) and make sure the slave isn't filtering anything either.

To test the master, if you have a drum machine, hook it up to it and press play. If the drum machine plays, then the master is sending the correct stuff.

To test the slave, set it up to sync to the external device and press play or record on the slave only...with nothing playing on the master. It shouldn't do anything. If it does, then it's not set up properly as a slave.

Pro Audio Guest Thu, 11/23/2006 - 04:26
Thanks for the feedback. I did these test you suggested and I found out something - that neither PT LE nor Cubase SL can be an MMC master. They can be controlled by an MMC master, but cannot be the master itself. This is really crap, since my 002 is my main console.

Cubase can send and receive MIDI timecode and clock, but I need to be able to fire up both and keep them in sync.

Is there a MIDI master controller that I can get to handle controls of all my hw? I am also getting a Triton in Jan, so I will want to manage that as well. Hardware or sw (for Mac).

Thanks much....