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Hi! Can somebody please shed a a lot of light on how to proberly midi up my MPC and Roland MC307. What i am tryin' to do is play the keys on the 307 and have them record into the sequence of my MPC. I've recently learned that i needed a mixer to do this (duh) and was successful at doing it with my friends Triton. What i imagine is that the Triton and the Roland both have some universal parameter that I've overlooked in the Roland. Please, bless me with your knowledge. Also, how many hit producers really know the technical side of making the music. Am I just a bumbling idiot. Music is my thing but this technical stuff is blowin' me.
Thanx. Feel free to email me


Nate Tschetter Wed, 11/27/2002 - 07:41

Hi Joe

It should work thusly:

Plug one end of a MIDI cable into the "MIDI out" of the MPC-60 and the other end to the "MIDI in" of the MC307. You don't need a mixer for this to work, mixers are for audio.

Of course, the MPC is more of a drum machine than a keyboard so, by default, the notes triggered by its pads may not be the best choice for programming pitched instruments (like a piano). So, at some point, you'll want to find out how to change the note numbers of the pads.

anonymous Thu, 11/28/2002 - 19:35

i appreciat your suggestion but it's a 2000xl not 60 and i was told by numerous people that i do in fact need a mixer. Now i'm really confused. Also, i'm aware that when i play the drum pads on the mpc i hear sounds from the roland. i do not want this to happen...but would rather have the ability to play my keys and have them sequenced into my MPC. I've done it before but it's been a while and i have forgotten what function in the roland i need to set on/off. I'll keep checkin' though..thanx