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Midi Controller help!

I just bought a M-Audio Keystation 61es midi controller. I'm very new to the whole MIDI thing! Sorry! I have a Phonic Helix firewire mixer that came with Cubase LE. I'm using Windows XP. I can't seem to get the controller to do anything! I tried to follow all directions in the manual and it is not showing me anykind of devices hooked up to my Cubase in the device setup part and the midi device part. The manual even says I don't have to install any type of drivers because the XP already has it. I went to the m-audio web site and downloaded the latest drivers anyway and it still won't work. I load up Sampletank through Cubase and put a piano patch up and I can click on it with my mouse and hear it. But I have no clue at all how to get this controller to work. The controller is hooked up to the USB and the lights are on but no signs of life. If some of you pro's are out there please help me!