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Midi Guitar

Hello everybody. I am a guitarist and a lover of the synthesis of sound, everything related in the creation or the use of sounds is really interesting to me. For that reason i was wondering to invest into midi guitars. I was asking me what are they capacities? What can they do, and how can be used? Is necesary an external module or can be used whit computer softwars? do they sound great? Know some lps that have used midi guitars?
Well, thanks a lot for reading and answering me, and please forgive my fair english, i am from Bs. As. Argentina..

C ya



Tommy P. Thu, 03/09/2006 - 21:22
I've taken her out on a few gigs, and she has a nice presence, very articulate used as a normal electric. Great neck, trem and pickups.
I don't have the synth or the programmer. The special cable is the deal breaker, its real expensive. Eventually, I'll upgrade the controller electronics, but even without it, its still a great guitar. The neck plays like a lawsuit strat (high end Japanese).

SonOfSmawg Wed, 03/08/2006 - 20:24
Guitar synthesis has been around for decades, but never became very popular, mostly due to poor tracking. Many companies and models have come and gone, but the only one that I know of which remains is the Roland GR-20. Here's the link:

When you purchase the unit, it comes with the GK-3 pickup which you install on your guitar. There are also some companies who sell guitar synth controllers. Godin is very popular and has many different models. Here's their link:

Depending how you work the guitar synth into your music and your performance, it can be a good tool for a variety of styles.

Tommy P. Thu, 03/09/2006 - 13:20
Its a shame guitarists havn't been able to get the full midi control keyboard players have enjoyed for years. Like SOS said, tracking was always an issue.

The controllers have gotten a little better and a lot cheaper though. I have the GR-20 and its quite a bargain with improved performance over past models. For 600 bucks you get a controller and a floorboard synth.

I need to check out the graphtech : http://
and the RMC:
I believe both of those systems get used in the Godin and the Brian Moore guitars that have synth controllers. Brian Moore:

I also recieved one of these as a b'day present from a good friend. Anyone remember the GR-707?!! Its a great playing guitar, but I need to upgrade the synth controller. Dig the stabilizer bar! It really works to control subtractive resonances that threw off the tracking of early divided pickups.: (picture is off the web)

SonOfSmawg Thu, 03/09/2006 - 16:18
Hehehe yeah I remember those. It's been a long time, but if I remember right, they could only do one synth note at a time, and I THINK they only tracked on the E and B string. Am I right?

The guitar is very kewl looking, even now. Fitted with modern synth electronics, it would make for a bichin piece.

Did you get the synth unit with it, too? If so, does it still work?