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Midi Lantecy

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Ok, here's the disclaimer (and yes, I checked the FAQ's, and beginner's sections): I'm not a producer (never wanted to be), I'm not extremely midi savy, and I'm not the best at troubleshooting PCs. So, that being said:

I have a laptop p.c., a MOTU midi timepiece AV, a Kurzweil PC88(controller), an SE-1 and CAKEWALK software, which I notice isn't a topic under the DAWworld forum. The problem I'm getting is midi latency. Everything seems to work fine, then the midi latecy drifts slowly over time (both through the controller TO cakewalk, back to the PC88, and to the SE-1) If I bypass the MOTU & cakewalk, it works fine. Any ideas? I'm not even trying to lock to SMPTE yet. Thanks in advance...


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e-cue Mon, 01/14/2002 - 16:19
Thanks for such a quick response. I'm using USB AV... The pc is windows XP too, which makes trouble shooting even more difficult. I downloaded the driver from MOTU but I'm still running into the same problem.
Also, when I record the midi into cakewalk, it shows up late there, so it's going into the PC late. If I knew XP in the slightest, I could tell if I had the right drivers. And XP experts out there?

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Nate Tschetter Mon, 01/14/2002 - 18:18

Not a solution but another troubleshooting tip. try a different sequencing program (download a demo version of something) and see if the input delay persists. If so, then its your system rather than Cakewalk.

I dunno about the PC88 but some keyboards put out shitloads of System Realtime crap. Just look at the AV's MIDI Status lights with all your stuff hooked up. If they're glowing bright green with nothing playing, something is in a MIDI loop or putting out System Realtim and/or Active Sensing.

This can sometimes bog down a MIDI system. If you have your MTP Console (or whatever little software thing you use to control the MTP on the PC) working, try muting out all System Realtime and Active Sensing from the MTP inputs.

Also, try routing your controller to your sound module using the AV's internal patching.

I suspect a driver oddity.