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midi Octo-pad for use with Alesis drum brain

I wanted some input from drummers and the like on a midi pad, with 8 pads on it. I see Neil Peart from Rush plays on one of these.
Something like the Roland Octopad (in looks) I only need the pads, I dont need it to do any sampling. I dont care if its Roland or not, I just need some input on which are better or which is more widly used.
I have an Alesis drum brain that I want to for sampling with it.
Thanks for all reply's


pr0gr4m Tue, 03/28/2006 - 10:25
The OctoPad is not an audio device so it won't have any audio connections. What you need to do is hook up the MIDI out on the OctoPad to the MIDI in on the Triton or DMPro.

Then you need to set up the OctoPad to transmit MIDI data on a specific MIDI channel. MIDI channel 10 is usually reserved for drum data.

You need to make sure that the Triton or DMPro is set up to receive data on MIDI channel 10.

Now that the MIDI channels are set up, you need to get the proper MIDI note numbers. Set up one of the pads to transmit MIDI note 36. This is usually a kick drum sound. ON the Triton or DMPro, look at the drum kit you have loaded and make sure there is a drum sound set up to be triggered by MIDI note 36.

Hit the pad. That should trigger the sound.

Generally in a unit like the DMPro, all the kits will use the same MIDI note numbers for the same types of sounds. This makes it easy to switch from kit to kit without having to make any changes.