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Midi question

here is midi related question,

i have an electric kit and i want to seperate each percussion input on it unto my pc so i can

a) pan them so the wont be in mono
b) Use drumagog to exchange the drumkits sound for drumkit from hell (sample pack)

i connect the module unto m-box and the m-box is connected to the pc via usb. I how can i separete every drum signal beat unto a seperate channel?


Member Mon, 03/13/2006 - 15:23
recording the midi worked, each percussion instrument showed up seperatly on the cubase sx midi drummap.

Each sound sounds like a computer bleep though

And i have no idea how to change the sound for the percussion instruments, to import sounds - i have drumagog vst , but no idea how it works

im a cubase noob

pr0gr4m Mon, 03/13/2006 - 20:09
I can help with that...I think. Set up Drumagog as a VST instrument. Then on your midi channel, there should be a setting for it's output. You want to set that to output to the drumagog.

I don't know exactly what settings in Drumagog you need to have it trigger by MIDI, but the forum on their site might have that info.

pr0gr4m Mon, 03/13/2006 - 05:03
What you want to do can be done, but it's not as easy as recording something then just punching a few buttons.

The first and most important question is, "are you recording midi data or audio data...or both?"

I'm going to assume you are only recording audio because you mention panning and drumagog. I am also going to assume that you are taking the stereo output of your electric kit and sending that to the Mbox.

Because your drum brain mixes all the drums together and outputs them in a stereo mix, what you need is a way to isolate drums so that they are not all mixed together and that has to be done in the drum brain.

First, record the MIDI data of you playing your drums. The entire drum kit can be on one MIDI won't cause any problems.

Now that you have the MIDI notes from your performance, you can use that to trigger sounds using drumagog or many other drum sample playback plugins. However you probably still want to be able to record your drum sounds from your drum brain on individual read on.

Now what you need to do to get individual sounds on individual tracks is go into your drum brain and isolate 2 drum sounds, like just the kick and snare. Take all the other drum sounds and disable them, turn them off or all the way down so that they don't make a sound. In the brain pan the kick drum so that it only comes out the left side and then pan the snare so that it only comes out the right side.

In your DAW set it up so that the left input goes to channel 1 and the right input goes to channel 2 (the channels can be any ones you wish).

Now playback your track while recording channels 1 and 2. The recorded MIDI data should be sent out to your drum brain triggering the sounds. Since you've set up the brain to only output the kick and snare, that's all it will send out and when you are done you should have 2 tracks, one with the kick drum and one with the snare.

Repeat this procedure for each drum in your kit until all have been recorded. If you've got a good sounding ekit, you may want to keep the toms grouped together in stereo and the same with the cymbals, just to lessen the number of passes you would need to make.

Member Mon, 03/13/2006 - 09:22
im having problems with the m box not being supported by cubase and also the usb cable that connects from the mbox to the pc

following your directions, i could use the usb port rigth on the m box to record - it should take the signals from the module through mbox?

or am i just completely lost