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midi routing problems

I have a Motif rack, a Korg ms2000 rack, a Nord lead synth, a Yamaha an1x and an Akai mpc1000. Im trying to run it all into protools through my digi002. There are 2 midi outs and 1 midi in. What id like to do is have input from the Nord, An1x and Akai into the 002. Is that possible with only 1 input? The other thing Id like is input from the ms2000's knobs for automation of its features but I think that might be pushing it? I figure I would chain the Motif rack, the ms2000 rack, and the Mpc1000 together receiving from the 002's midi out #2, and then chain the Nord and the An1x from 002 midi out number 1. That isn't so confusing but is there a way to input 3 devices into 1 midi input on the digi002?


Kapt.Krunch Sun, 05/20/2007 - 06:05
You may want to consider Googling "MIDI Merge" and "MIDI Patchbay".

There are different degrees of sophistication as far as routing and operation, but you should find something suitable for your needs.

The problem with chaining MIDI units one after the other is MIDI delay adds up and gets worse the more units you add. More than three can start to get ugly. Also, if you chain in to out all the way, you're going to have some serious programming to do to get things to either respond to, or not, the previous unit.

Even if you kind of "side-chain" a couple units from a MIDI thru, it will eventually have to enter back into the chain at some point before the computer. One of those units is going to have to be the first to see what's coming out of the computer, and distribute it to all others. It may be the same unit connecting it back into the computer, or it might possibly be another.

Gets confusing quick.

You'll have to make choices about how much information is shooting through all those. There will be a point where the one input just can't handle more data.

You may even investigate adding another input, somehow, so one input isn't becoming overwhelmed. If you had two inputs into the computer, then it might be easier to configure it so you can have no more than a couple things chained serially, and even maybe take a unit or two from a MIDI thru back into the computer. Might even be less expensive than a merge or patchbay box, and probably even give you an extra out or two.
Perhaps an external unit.

It all depends on what you want controlling whatever else you have. I think a merge box may be simpler by just combining inputs to an output or two. A patchbay may allow you to route the inputs and outputs within it for many combinations of what goes into what, and finally out to the computer through one or more outputs.

Yep...probably add even more confusion at first, but may be worth it once you figure it all out.

Just some ideas to explore.