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Midi Setup...2 Midi Controllers

OK... here is my dilemma:

I am trying to have 2 Midi Controllers. I have a keyboard and my MPC2000XL that I would like to control different synths. Sometimes I want to be able to use the MPC to play (record) drums, sometimes I want to be able to use my keyboard for pad, horn, synth sounds basically.

I don't want to have to change midi cables every time. I have a Midi Thru Box and I have a Terratec EWS88MT soundcard. I also have the Planet Phatt, Alesis D4, Orbit, ESI200, Nanobass, Dr 5, and some other synths.

How exactly would I set up my Midi Cables to do this. My keyboard has one out, one in and thru. The MPC has in/out A & in/out B. I believe the MPCs in/outs are totally independent.


Thanks in advance. :cry:


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moonz Thu, 01/06/2005 - 23:38

Do yourself a favor...get a multi-port midi interface ...connect up everything midi you want to use to that, and you'll be able to select each midi device you have connected to it, independently.

A 4x4 midi interface will support the use of 4 different can switch back and forth to whichever controller you want to use by selecting the individual midi ports on the midi interface, through your software application.