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Minimizing background noise in small studio

I'm running a vs2480 24 track recording digital work station. I'm running this in a 12 x 12 room. I'm trying to record acoustic guitar using the following:

AKG C414 XL II Mic using a Cardioid pattern with a DB setting of -18 and Hz of 160

RODE NT 4 Stereo mic with no settings.

I'm running the input of the mics into the vs2480 at about 50dbu, compression at 3.20 with a threshold of -24 and a level of 4.8 with no EQ.

The AKG is surrounded by an SE Mic baffle.

No matter what my settings are I continue to get residual atmospheric noise and slight pick up of the noise from the vs2480. I even have a barrier around the vs2480 to try to reduce the noise from the device.

Anyone have any suggestions to minimize background noise in general when recording an acoustic track?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Evan M.





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