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i have some Event 20/20's... and my mix is coming out with a lot more low end and flat sound than I'm hearing. My 20/20's set about 4 feet from the wall, and i sit between the wall and the speakers obvoiusly.

Maybe I'm missing some of the basics "mixing 101" stuff. Should the speakers be further away from me, do i not need to have them facing a wall but instead facing the open room. ill take ANY suggestions.


dementedchord Tue, 01/02/2007 - 14:48
away from the wall is good... especially if we're saying away from the corners.... your position relative to the speakers should be essentially an equalateral triangle... ie. speakers say 4 ft apart you 4 ft from each speaker... it sounds to me like you need some room treatment... there are lottsa DIY projects that can help here... most involve bass trapping for those corners and early reflection damping for side walls/ceilings... good luck...

RemyRAD Tue, 01/02/2007 - 15:52
Before I start recording or mixing, even in my own control room, I like to start with some type of reference recording with which to acclimate to the control room acoustics and monitors. I listen to recordings that I know intimately, that includes some very well-known pieces along with my own (make sure it's genre specific). Once I know what everything sounds like from a known reference source, I can begin.

My room. Your room. Good room. Bad room. Good speakers. Bad speakers. Redfish. Blue Fish. I don't care where I record. I don't care what speakers I have to use. I only care that I have a reference source to listen to. From there I can do anything.

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