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Mixer or FirePod for PC?

Hello, I am new to the forum, so thank you everyone for your time.

My question is:
I do home recording and I am setting up a studio for recording bands.
I have thoroughly researched mixers and have chosen either the Behringer Eurorack Pro 1202FX Rack Mixer located at:

or the Behringer XENYX 1222FX located at:
link removed

For routing the mixed signal from the mixer onto my PC, I use the Behringer U-Control USB. I currently use the Behringer XENYX 802 Mixer, which is the same as the 1222 except with only two mic preamps instead of 8. Currently, I use the mixer as an audio interface and have no complaints, using external hardware really helps with latency when recording.

But the main point of my question is this:

Is the way to go a mixer like the ones mentioned above or a FireWire audio interface such as the FirePod FP10?

The only possible problem with the mixer route that I foresee is the fact that my Behringer U-Control USB sends the signal, already mixed from the mixer, to my computer in either a stereo or mono signal (I choose in my recording program). So I feel that I will loose a lot of versatility by using a mixer because I will only be able to EQ that single track. I think I should be in the clear if I mix well and EQ using a 31 band EQ.

The FirePod FP10 would give me the versatility of tracking the drums in 8 separate tracks, one for each mic used. Then I would EQ accordingly for each track.

What do you guys suggest I choose? The mixer or the FirePod? Or a completely different route entirely?

Thank you,



VonRocK Tue, 09/02/2008 - 22:56

andrewismism wrote:
problem with the mixer route that I foresee is the fact that my Behringer U-Control USB sends the signal, already mixed from the mixer, to my computer in either a stereo or mono signal ... loose a lot of versatility

Hi Andrew, and welcome. You answered your own question.

Being able to record multiple tracks at once, instead of a mixed down version of multiple tracks will give you all sorts of versatility that you haven't even thought of yet. For home recording these days, most people are using an interface like the presonus FP10 to record directly to their computer's hard drive, and then mixing all the tracks after the fact.

Grow a thick skin, start reading the forums. Use the search function. Ask questions. Best to do it in that order.

anonymous Wed, 09/03/2008 - 08:26

Thanks for the responses. I have been looking at all of the firewire AI's with at least 8 preamps and so far they all either do not support Windows Vista or they only support Windows Vista 32bit. I currently run Vista 64bit.

This poses a dilemma.

Any suggestions?

Should I look for AI's with USB 2.0s?

Or should I look again at the mixer route, but get a really, really good mixer and a graphic equalizer?

anonymous Wed, 09/03/2008 - 10:24

Sorry guy's I was sorely mistaken, I am running 32-bit Vista.

So that takes care of that.

But some more input on AI's or mixers would be very helpful. I've been looking into the FP-10. As far as firewire goes, is Presonus the way to go?

I am mainly looking to record drums, so I want something that has 8 preamps and that I can record those 8 inputs in separate tracks. I have the software: Sony Acid Pro 6, Cubase SX3, and REAPER, so I really just need to find the best, most cost effective interface or mixer.

The Presonus FirePods have a 3 band EQ for each input that appears on your computer for mixing, correct?

Thanks again,


I want to record those 8 inputs into 8 separate tracks simultaneously. You are able to do that with the FP-10 correct?

VonRocK Wed, 09/03/2008 - 18:43

andrewismism wrote:
I want to record those 8 inputs into 8 separate tracks simultaneously. You are able to do that with the FP-10 correct?

No, you can only record one track at a time. But don't worry, you can connect multiple microphones all at once, so you don't have to waste time connecting and disconnecting them.

/end sarcasm

The only thing holding you back will be your recording software and your computer. Go read about this product at the presonus website.

BrianaW Thu, 09/04/2008 - 00:41

I saw the words Presonus or Behringer so I thought I'd chime in. Presonus... definitely! I have a Firepod for my digital setup and I love it. Yes, you can record 8 mics at once to 8 separate tracks and mix them later. It has phantom power, low latency, and an input monitoring knob so you can hear what's going in in real time while still hearing playback.

Stay away from Behringer... it will only sound like junk, and then break after a year. Ask anyone on this forum... that's how Behringer stuff works (or doesn't rather).

The Firepod does 8 inputs simultaneously with 8 decent sounding pre's (XLR or 1/4" connectors). They get a tad bit noisy if you crank them, but usually the 3 o'clock position is the highest you'll have to go (which is not noisy at all). There is also a SPDIF input so you could get 2 more inputs from a separate converter or mixer if you need to. The drivers are written pretty well and I rarely have any problems with Windows XP, don't know about Vista. They are dirt cheap now so I've even thought about picking up another one. Then if you wanted, you could eventually get a controller to act as a hardware mixing desk. Just my opinion.

As far as I'm concerned, the FP10 is the best bang for buck out there right now. That or the new Tascam, but I think it's USB and I haven't heard anything about the sound of that one yet. If you get the Firepod I'm pretty sure you won't be disappointed. They sound fantastic for the money.

anonymous Thu, 09/04/2008 - 06:11


Thank you, very informative. I know a couple different people who use the FP-10 for home recording and have not been disappointed. I think that the FirePod, whether the FP-10 or a different model, is the way to go. I also believe someone mentioned earlier that Presonus offers drivers and support online for Windows Vista 32-bit. (Which is what I currently run)

Now all I need to decide is on which microphones to purchase.

I know there are other topics on this forum about said microphones, but which are YOUR favorites for recording drums?

I was looking at the Shure Drum Mic Package, which includes 3 SM-57s and one Beta 52 kick drum mic.

I was also looking at the other Shure packages, such as the PGDMK6 Drum Mic Kit, which includes 3 PG56s, 1 PG52, 2 PG81s, drum mounts, 6 XLRs, and a carrying case.

I read a post in one of the forums earlier, about a budget home studio, and someone said that first and foremost, invest in your microphones, because you will use them indefinitely.

Before I read that post, I was considering some crappy CAD 7-piece Drum Mic Kits and some Nady Drum Mic Kits.

I have a decent set of plug-ins for further mixing, and some mastering tools. I am also looking into purchasing some others. What to you guys suggest? The Shure sets? Some other higher-end kits? Or some crappy CAD set?

Thank you,


BrianaW Thu, 09/04/2008 - 07:17

Hi again,
(Dead Link Removed)

(Are we allowed to do that?)

I got mine a little bit cheaper than that, but you can see the mics and read reviews. Anyway, I really like the Audix mics, but from what I've heard, do NOT get the "Fusion Series". They are terrible. The D Series or nothing. As far as the Shure mics go... they are fantastic! I love the Beta 52. Stick that inside a 22" kick with a pinstripe batter and you're golden. 57's are awesome too. You'll definitely be happy with either of those setups. The PG series doesn't sound bad... surprisingly good actually, but if I were to get Shure's they would definitely be the 57's and the Beta 52 set. Don't forget, you probably want a set of overhead mics too. You could even use a couple of 57's if you wanted to, but small diaphragm condenser mics are the most common.

86 the CAD idea. Although I've never heard them, I know that they don't have a very good reputation. Ask around, someone else might be able to give you some insight on those. I've never heard the entire PG drum mic set either, so maybe someone else will be able to help out on that one as well. :)

VonRocK Thu, 09/04/2008 - 21:21

andrewismism wrote:

No need to be a douche.


I was pointing out, using sarcasm as indicated, that you need to use your brain. If you had just thought about it for a minute, or went to the presonus website and spent five minutes reading about it, you would not have needed to ask the question.

Then I went on to answer your question and offer a suggestion. Obviously you took that advice and have done some reading. Good job.

anonymous Thu, 09/04/2008 - 21:28

I simply asked a question; this is a forum, a place for discussion.

Now, if you had asked a question, and someone gave some sarcastic response, wouldn't that be a bit annoying?

I'm not a big name caller and am not out to bicker. Excuse me for the immature remark.

I did "use" my brain. I thought it would be simpler to ask a question to get information from knowledgeable sources.

anonymous Fri, 09/05/2008 - 17:35

Greener wrote: Just out of interest why do you have 64bit vista?

Do you have any programs that process in 64bit?

I knew a guy who spent an awful lot getting 64bit xp to work so he could play 64bit Farcry.
His monitor was so filthy you couldn't tell the difference...

Lots of people run XP 64 because they have 4 or more Ghz of RAM. 32bit XP only supports up to 3.25Ghz.