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MixFest 2001 Updates

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A few things to review for the MixFest.

Everyone needs to pick a song to mix, sign up under that song name, and make contact with the pointman for that particular song. There can be more than 10 mixers per song. If 18 people want to mix one song, then let them.

The timeline for mixing should be broad. There is allot of file and tape trading, so I'd say that we should make the mix deadline November 15. I know that's a long time, but I can't mix a song for at least another 30 days myself. And even then I'm going to sneak it in when I'm in the middle of mixing an album.

I know some of you want to mix a couple or even a few songs. So do I. But do me a favor. For order's sake, let's all mix our designated song first. Then you can contact one of the people mixing another song to get the format you need.

I'm still thinking about the rules. Some of you want to edit, and put in samples. That all seems kind of superfluous to me, but certainly within reason. I'm not sure about the concept of adding tracks, like guitars. You're not being hired as producers here, but rather mixers. I think there's a certain creativity to being forced to work with what you have (within reason).

Like I said I'm still thinking about this aspect of the rules. If someone has a strong opinion, and would like to sway me to their way of thinking, speak now.

Back to the deadline. The way I figure it, if we deadline it for November 15 (or possibly later if people are having trouble meeting that) then we would have a few weeks to get the CD's to everyone, and then they could have them during their holidays.



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Pro Audio Guest Thu, 09/06/2001 - 04:24
i'm no mixer...and the bands at hand might have a different opinion... but as someone who tracked some of this stuff, adding tracks in the mix (i.e.- guitar) is an odd concept...

the line of thought is the band already has a fine guitar player - (actually more than one.) If they were looking for another, i'm fairly sure they would have brought one in for the session.

my 2 cents - emotionally and sonically - go for it. musically - i think respecting the tracks the band laid down is sort of in order. arrange them and fix some sonic fuck-ups... but joining the band at the mixing stage is more than a little strange to me...

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warlock Thu, 09/06/2001 - 06:09
Originally posted by Big Toe:
adding tracks in the mix (i.e.- guitar) is an odd concept...

I agree adding tracks to someone elses band in the mixing process especially without the band being there is weird.

Some troubleshooting & editing is fine, but adding tracks....

IMO ofcourse,