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Interesting info on the mobile music industry:


25th February 2011
A study conducted by Juniper Research has indicated that by 2015, the mobile music industry will be worth $55.5 billion.

This is certainly good news for the industry, as it means that music downloads to mobile handsets are expected to more than double in value within the next 5 years, from $2.4 billion in 2010.

according to the Juniper report, the sales of the iPhone will soon exceed that of the iPod because of this. Google has also gone into the mobile music business with the intention of making their [=" Android OS[/]="… Android OS[/] more popular than Apple’s iOS.

[[url=http://="http://news.accurac… Mobile Music Industry Hits The Right Notes | AccuraCast Digital Media News[/]="http://news.accurac… Mobile Music Industry Hits The Right Notes | AccuraCast Digital Media News[/]

Might as well see what the buzz is all about. What is Android OS?


audiokid Sat, 02/26/2011 - 10:12

I think so, but what I'm getting at here is the meaning of music and how its fitting into our lives. Where is it going as a business?

Music is a reflection of the times. I don't buy music anymore. I haven't for years. I hate the sound of most of it. I do however, never stop thinking about it as a business and how can I keep busy in it all. I mean really busy.
I want to earn a living with my passion so I'm always thinking ahead and now planning on it for my musical children. I want to keep on top of it so I can continue being a professional musician rather than just another guy with a studio that does it only for a hobby. I would consider making less than 10,000 a year on it, a hobby.
There is always opportunity in trends so I ask myself the same question as you. Is the opportunities always the same, moving from one platform to another or is there a niche market specific to the mobile industry and how do our studios and distribution, marketing etc fit into it all. Its pretty clear the record companies are not the same and I would be amazed if the majority will continue to even exist in another 10 years.

My post is reaching out to those that are starting out in the business. How do you see yourself fitting into it all as a business? Where are you excited to go with music? We used to all sit around a living room and listen to a record from start to finish. 40 min an album. It was easy to think about how to become a rock star. Or how to set up a studio and start recording bands.

It it still the same way for you today? Is it even realistic to think you can do it as a business and support a family. I used to be able to. Now, its near impossible to make $100,000 at it.
I make wayyyyy more in the construction industry than I do in music. But, that's because I'm slipping, or is the industry slipping, or am I just getting smart, or out of date....

Music doesn't have the same effect on me as it did 10 years back. Its not moving me the same way. Its all different. But its still a great business and there are opportunities.