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Mod the Studio Projects VTB-1

Anybody mod the Studio Projects VTB-1?

I was wondering if there was anything i could about swapping out, like op amps/tubes/transformers, to get even more out of this preamp. Maybe use Burr Browns and Jensens. Possibley swap the Tube for a Mullard or something. If so do you know the part/model numbers? How benificial has your mod been?


ps. Anybody heard the SP828 yet?



aphid Sun, 01/23/2005 - 20:55

hmmm, is there a burr brown or something that is a resonable replacement for the 4558 op-amp? I've heard of a person replacing it with a NE5532 and also the tube inside with a Mullard one here:

Replacing op-amps should be pretty easy if their pin configuration are the same and are in place via a socket and not soldered in. haven't looked yet but i'm assuming its just pop one out and and put another in. anybody have any other op-amps or possibley a compatible jensen transformer for this?

aphid Fri, 01/21/2005 - 19:51

VTB-1 is from Studio Projects and it is a preamp, not a mic 8)

Besides, I already own it and I would like to get more from it. Cost aside.


Snatchman Sat, 01/22/2005 - 13:12

Yep, you're right ! I left out the "pre" part when typing :oops: (sorry about that). Anyway.. I have two of the VTB-1's and I considered the upgrade. I "peeped" inside of one and I think on the output stage , there is a 4558 op-amp (not good, IMHO). I talked to "Black Lion Audio" about upgrading and he said he could. At the price the VTB-1 is selling for now ($130.00), by the time everything is said and done with the upgrade , it'll probably not be feasible.( for me ,anyway) I'll rather just save for a better pre! If your still interested in the upgrade, contact Matt at and ask about it. (If you can't do the upgrade yourself) 8-) ...... Hope this helps! 8)

Aziel Sat, 01/22/2005 - 14:33

Matt has been disapeared for a while and his web site is, dont bother... 8) i heard he had some hard personal problems or something...hope he is fine...

Snatchman Fri, 01/21/2005 - 15:23

I thought about this upgrade awhile ago.. until I found out the cost of the upgrade is more than the mic cost new! :wink: