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MOTU 96HD pre amps

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I am looking for a bit of shared experience before I approach my friendly music shop. I recent bought a MOTU 96HD for my project studio and I am in the process of getting to know the girl. However, I have hit a situation that might ruin the relationship. When plugging in my SE Z5600 mic the gain needed to be turned up to 90% before the sound "came to life". I tried another mic and had a similar response. Loud transient noises, like clapping, pushed the meters into the red. But spoken voice or quiet vocal sounded dull. Acoustic guitar sounded very poor. Pushing the gain further introduced more noise. It was as if a gate was put at the front end?( I set the input up on "mic") An acoustic with a fishman pick up fed direct sounds very good. I have read about other interfaces that require a push on the pre amp is this the same with the MOTU?


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21 years 2 months

Pro Audio Guest Mon, 11/08/2004 - 16:54
wow, thats the exact oposite of my friends 896hd. We thought the pre's were really hot, we had them barely turned up and we were getting more than enough signal.

I'm thinking about getting an 896hd as well, I'd like to know if anyone else has this problem.

He's bringing it over soon for a session, I'll try to get back to you then if nobody else does.

wish I could help more.. :wink: