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M&S Pluggin?

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Hello everyone,

I have recorded a lot of M & S Stereo over the last decade (or 2!);(Music and Drama dialogue and action etc).

Recently I got Nuendo and I am having some fun in mixing down my own field recordings.

I am well aware of how to achieve M & S decoding in Nuendo by conventional routing means, but I keep wishing that there was some kind of pluggin to convert an M & S track to Left and Right Stereo.

Does one exist? Where could I get it?
If not, could someone write a new pluggin, it is probably "trivial" in such terms to a clued up software head. I for one would be very thankfull. :cool:


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sapplegate Tue, 04/23/2002 - 06:30
I found one here ( in VST format. Click on VST effects and look in Group5 for a plug named "image". You could probably use one of the freebie VST-DX wrappers on it (, I couldn't quickly find a strictly DX plug although I'm sure there must be one for something this straightforward.